With just over three minutes left to play in a tightly-contested game between the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder, Victor Oladipo held the ball at the elbow and unleashed the kind of shot that’s been a part of his offensive repertoire too often throughout his four-year career, an off-balance jumper that looked simultaneously effortless and forced.

The difference this time was that Oladipo hit the shot, which banked off glass and tied the score in the waning moments of the game.

Oladipo has been a frustrating mix of talent and inconsistency, flashes of elite athleticism that don’t always translate into production for an Orlando team that has fallen just short on a number of occasions over recent seasons.

The Magic would wind up losing the game but Oladipo’s individual performance was a reminder of the glorious potential that has always seemed just out of reach. A microcosm of the team, he’s been up-and-down at various points this season, capable of doing everything right for brief moments but never sustaining it for the prolonged stretches that propel a team into the postseason. read more at hardwoodparoxysm.com